My name is Nafissatou Camara.  Born in France, from a mixed heritage. I was raised by my mother who was an wonderful cook. I started cooking french food, at a very early age under my mother's guidance.Growing up in small town France in the 50s, I was dreaming about Africa as a child and started looking for my father. I found him in my teenage years and I went to live with him in Senegal.


When I arrived in Dakar, I was awestruck by my new world, the world of my ancestors, the beautiful smiling faces, the culture, the stunning colors, the amazing aromas mixed in the smell of the ocean. The warm and beautiful “Teranga” that Senegalese hospitality renowned all over Africa touched my heart.


My beautiful Grandmother Nafissatou became my best friend, and even before I could understand the language she spoke ( I made a point to learn it really fast) She shared with me her love of cooking, the wonderful food that she loved to prepare for the family I was just reunited with.I have been given her name to honor her and I proudly carry it.I was delighted by the new aromas, the spices and home made condiments I had no idea existed.

I fell in love with Senegal, my Grand mother: “Mame Nafi”, the tamarind, the netetou & the habaneros peppers(of course), sold in little stacks at the vibrant local markets....All these beautiful ingredients that created the spectacular “Thieboudiene”! The fabulous national fish dish...

I made peanut butter with Mame Nafi, on a stone, from fresh peanuts grilled in sand, on a little charcoal stove. She showed me how to lift the grilled peanuts in the air from a flat rattan tray, to let the wind carry the dried skins away. This time spent with her, was often silent, rhythm by the sound of the cooking tools, the pilon, the coal cracking, focused, powerful, as she was conscientiously transferring her precious knowledge and blessings to the child I still was. I was staring at her every graceful gesture, and her happy smile.

The bold beautiful flavors of her cooking, the aroma of the freshly ground peanut butter, the perfume of the “ Churai” ( home made incense) on her clothes are engraved in my heart and my soul from these days.

Mame Nafi's love is my inspiration, NAFI'S condiments and sauces are made with love and commitment to my family and my traditions, and the love of pure, healthy, natural, tasty and comforting spicy) food.

Nafis Products is carefully handcrafted Hot Condiments and Sauces using Habaneros and Scotch Bonnet peppers with a rich blend of spices and vegetables.


While most hot sauces are diluted and offer mostly heat, our condiments are uniquely inspired by our Senegalese traditions, and provide both a delicious savory taste as well as heat.


Our Products are all natural, vegan, & preservative-free.


Simply add any NAFI’S condiment to a plate of rice, or use as a base for soup and stews.  The versatility of our products will amaze you. They make great rubs for grilling and can be diluted for marinades, salad dressings, and much more. Naturally low in fat and sodium, NAFI’S condiments are a healthy addition to any meal!


Our Simmering Sauces are rich and creamy ready to be served over rice, bulgar wheat or quinoa, with your meats and veggies, or just veggies!

You will create a delightful and healthy meal for your family and friends. NAFI’S will soon become your favorite secret ingredient.