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Nafis is a brand of exotic sauces created by the duo of mother Nafissatou & daughter Chef Bintou from Senegalaise (West Africa) & French mixed heritage.


The inspiration for the brand came from traveling intensely in the four corners of Africa and their passion for the food industry. From the lack of African-inspired products on the mainstream shelves, Nafis condiments were born. 


The products are gourmet, naturally vegan, and preservatives-free, highlighting the flavors of the African continent as “bold and versatile” but keeping the recipes as traditional as possible. 


We are coming from the West African Peanut sauce to the East African Tanzanian Coconut curry passing by the North African Moroccan hot & smoky Cumin Harissa style. Nafis sauces are a great introduction to the motherland flavors matrix! 


The brand catalog includes the Mild Simmer sauces and the Hot marinades. Every bottle is carefully crafted with fresh ingredients and cooked in small batches.


Nafis is proudly made in New York City. 

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