African Peanut Sauce

African Peanut Sauce

Peanut sauce is a staple in the West African culinary world. It’s slowly simmered with fresh vegetables & spices for a bold & creamy satisfying sauce. Mildly spicy so it is kid friendly and ready to use. Warm it up with chicken, beef, salmon or sauteed vegetables. Traditionally paired with rice, fonio or millet, also pairs well with noodles. Favorited as a warm dip with cut spinach & plantain chips.


Nafis Peanut Sauce is vegan, gluten free, packed with protein and preservative free. Shelf life unopened 6 months. Refrigerate after opening, Use within 7 days.
Proudly Made in Brooklyn, New York.


Respect the PEANUT:

This legume was first found in Brazil & Peru In South America 7,600 yrs ago.

Peanuts were grown as far as north of Mexico by the time the Spanish began their exploration of the New World. The explorers took peanuts back to Spain from their trades and next Africa and Asia.

In Africa the plant became common in the western tropical region. When many Africans were brought to North America as slaves, peanuts came with them. They planted peanuts throughout the southern United States. Peanut cultivation ​improves soil fertility. Therefore, they are valuable in crop rotations. Peanuts is so rich in minerals that they are one of the richest dietary sources of

Compared to the North American love for peanut butter in a sweet version, the whole world is going frequently for the savory style. (Maffe, peanut soup, Suya seasonings, Thai Satay) etc...See Nafis African peanut sauce.


Fun facts:

  • ●  In the graves of ancient Incas in South America often contain jars filled with peanuts and left with the dead to provide food in the afterlife.

  • ●  The word Goober comes from the Congo name for peanuts – Nguba

  • ●  Their popularity grew in the late 1800s thanks to PT Barnum’s circus wagons traveling across the country and vendors called “hot roasted peanuts!” to the crowds.

  • ●  Two peanut farmers have been elected president of the USA – Virginia's Thomas Jefferson and Georgia's Jimmy Carter

  • ●  An engineering team also tried pressing peanuts because of its high carbon content resulting in the creation of a small diamond.


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